Travel to unlock your body & mind to rejuvenate yourself @ DHARMA STEPS.

To feel the spiritual & divine experiences at every step of your journey throughout your life, come to us @ DHARMA STEPS. We guarantee you a peace of mind and promise to help you unlock your body & mind from your stressful and exhausting lifestyle.

You travel with us and we will take you to a complete New World where your dream to achieve a happy, joyous and meaningful lifestyle becomes true and your journey of life becomes more blissful.

Being at Buddhist corridor…we idolize Buddhism and have cultivated our expertise in spiritual tour, eco-tour with activities camp at Mountain Region of Nepal with “Dhamma” lifestyle. With several years of experience in tourism sector we have reached & become mature & mastered travelogue to take you to the INCREDIBLE INDIA tour. Whether it is the North-East green lush beauty of Gangtok-Siligudi-Darjeeling, or Southern India’s Munnar-Oonty-KodaiKanal-Nagarhole-Bandipur and Dandeli, we guide you throughout the tourist corridor of North to South & East to West India. While travelling green lush beauty of India we take you to the historic & spiritual tour from Agra-Delhi-Jaipur-Thiruananthpuram-Puri-Konark and many more; to make this tour more productive in terms of knowledge and exposure, we follow the highly educative historical monuments which is bound to excite you and your companion throughout the journey and will rejuvenate your soul while you are back at home.

If you are more inclined towards the Sea adventure & beaches, we guide you to the Western tourist corridor i.e. Goa-Mumbai-Matheran-Alibaugh. All these bring you complete peace of mind to provide you a healthy lifestyle in a positive direction.


Our Ideology

Buddham Sharnam Gachhami !!!

Dhammam Sharnam Gachhami !!!

Sangham Sharnam Gachhami !!!

We at “DHARMA STEPS” are mainly devoted to follow the path of Buddhism and its spiritual journey.

We believe in “Dhamma” ideology. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and the most sacred paths that can make your quest for peace and the best practices of lifestyle a reality.

We are being told by the spiritual guru that the Buddha himself had travelled around the world in search of Divine & Spiritual Knowledge and best practices of lifestyle as young SIDDHARTHA.

In process of his journey of the INCREDIBLE INDIA and world, he had visited many regions and came into contact with many religions, cultures, caste-systems and places to get peace of mind.

After his considerable experiences as atraveller, he came back to India and reached Patliputra, the place which is now known as Patna. He then moved to Bodh Gaya and found the place as his spiritual abode beneath a tree. He meditated many years to purify his body and soul; he became master of divine & spiritual power & became “BUDDHA” when he eventually got enlightenment under the bodhi tree at the age of thirty-five.

His experiences as atraveller and as a master of divine & spiritual knowledge led him to discover the path of “Dhamma” which leads to the eradication of universal suffering. Today, “DHAMMA” is definitely the best and the most sacred paths/practices that can help you lead an ideal lifestyle in the 21st century; it leads to peace of mind and spiritually and helps you become physically stronger and healthy; it can be key for an ideal & healthy lifestyle.


you feel at every places/steps peace of mind, Divinity & Spiritual therapy.
(you found in the New World and you feel your dream became true)